Agastya Academy

Built-up area :1,50,000 SFT

Site area :27 Acres

An eco-friendly Waldorf inspired residential school that aims to foster sporting excellence. The school has been designed to be holistically sustainable with a low energy footprint and effective water management.

Residential School - Erode, Tamilnadu

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Client :Manonmani Trust

Built-up area :12,000 SFT

Site area :½ Acre

A home for seniors nestled amongst paddy fields in a village near Chennai. Anbagam is designed around a central courtyard that serves as the interaction hub. All rooms have large windows and jaalis to ensure cross-ventilation and to provide vistas of the paddy fields. Exposed masonry adds to the rustic charm and helped make the construction cost-effective.

Seniors’ Community Thirukkandalam, Tamil Nadu

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Orchid Advaita

Client :Orchid Homes, Chennai.

Built-up area :14,600 SFT

Site area :8,300 SFT

An apartment set in a busy area in central Chennai. The design features screened windows to provide buffer spaces that offer respite from heat, dust and noise that is common in the locality.

Residential Apartment - Mylapore, Chennai

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Client :VHIL, Chennai

Built-up area :60,000 SFT

Site area :1 Acre

An eco-friendly apartment complex which has been thoughtfully designed to minimize driveways and maximize vegetated area on site. The design incorporates wind tunnels above staircases to funnel breeze into apartment interiors.

Residential Apartment - Semmenchery, Chennai

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Client :Ms. G.L. Sampoorna

Built-up area :6,000 SFT

Site area :4.000 SFT

An eco-friendly building that houses a spiritual healing centre and three private apartments. Designed to minimize its ecological footprint, the building uses insulative materials to keep the interiors naturally cool with minimal use of space conditioning. The earthy design is intended to provide an environment conducive for spiritual contemplation and healing.

Private Residence & Spiritual Centre - Royapettah, Chennai

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Villa in Salem

Client :Mr. J. Ashok

Built-up area :6,000 SFT

Site area :12.000 SFT

A contemporary styled, spacious villa located on the foothills of Yercaud. A large verandah provides a shaded space for the family to relax amidst nature and take in the grand views of the hills. A central atrium ensures that interior spaces are well lit and also serves as an exhaust for hot air to keep interiors naturally cool.

Residence - Salem, Tamil Nadu

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Client :Avinash Healthcare, Chennai

Built-up area :20,000 SFT

Site area :12,000 SFT

A contemporary style eco-friendly educational / commercial building. The dual purpose building is designed to house businesses as well as educational institutions. Use of passive solar techniques to minimize heat gain and maximize natural light in interior spaces.

Commercial Office - Red Hills, Chennai

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Malgudi Eco Resort

Client :Jeyram Civicon P. Ltd.

Built-up area :30,000 SFT

Site area :5 Acres

An eco-friendly resort on the East Coast Road near Chennai which evokes the simple pastoral pleasures of an era gone by. The spa wraps around a lily pool which also captures rainwater. Bamboo screens provide private access to the pool from treatment rooms. Earthen walls create a sense of serenity and well-being.

Resort - Vittalapuram, Tamil Nadu

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RAK Pallikoodam

Built-up area :1,15,000 SFT

Site area :3.5 Acres

A sports-focused school in Coimbatore that has been designed to have a double skin façade with an exterior jaali wall to keep interiors cool. The jaali also helps create an interesting and aesthetic façade.

School - Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu