Client : Architecture firms in the US

Services : Design Development & Graphics

The Requirements

Trusted Partner

A partner who may be half way across the globe but who is reliable and trustworthy and is capable of on-time delivery.

Global Design experience

A team that is well versed in global construction standards and is familiar with international building codes.

Working with international clients remotely to provide design development, 2D drafting and 3D rendering services.

Our work experience outside India, ability to interpret and understand building codes from other countries and our knowledge of different local construction methodology and drawing standards ensures we are able to seamlessly work with our clients from different parts of the world.

A process that takes into consideration our remote location and ensures seamless work flow by means of regular communication and updates.

Study of client requirements

Initial study of client’s project specific requirements, documentation and clarification of questions if any via the selected mode of communication.

Understand design intent

Request for sketches and visual references from the client to in order to accurately interpret the requirements. This makes a big difference while developing a design detail for a concept originated by the client.

Work flow

Analyse design intent/requirements and utilize our expertise to develop detailed design drawings/renderings which are shared with the client at the end of every working day for feedback.

A process that allows our clients especially those located in United States, the option of a 24-hour work day.


Our success is primarily due to our sensitivity to the following :

Client needs and requirements : We strive to interpret, understand and fully satisfy our client needs and requirements.

Sensitivity to building regulations and standards of other countries : Having international experience, we are familiar with building codes from other countries and ensure adherence to these standards.

Knowledge and expertise : We bring in our knowledge of building construction and expertise in design drawings to ensure we provide sensible and relevant solutions.

Attention to detail : We keep our eye on details and ensure that nothing is missed out during the process of design and development. After all, Design is in the Details

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