Client : Dr.Roshni and Dr.Radhakrishnan

Services : Design & Construction Management

The Design Brief

A sustainable home :

To create a home that fosters an eco-friendly lifestyle.

A complete revamping of the existing ‘closed’ home :

To open up the existing claustrophobic spaces and bring in the outdoors.

The older existing home which was not in good repair initially presented itself as a challenge for a workable renovation.

- Anupama, Head - Architecture
Green Evolution

Existing home evaluation

Inspection of the existing home to check for current conditions, assess salvage-ability of existing building materials and identify potential problems if any.

Aesthetic considerations

After conversation with the client it was found that their aesthetic preference was toward architectural influences from the State of Kerala. This primarily dictated our façade design.

Concept evolution

A client-centric, iterative design process that led to a holistically sustainable transformation of the existing home.


1. It was found that all the woodwork used for existing doors and windows were in good condition and could be re-used in the new home with minimal refurbishment.

2. The rooms were not only small but barren of natural light and ventilation and required changes in fenestration sizes and shapes.

3. The existing slab had acquired multiple fissures and needed extensive repair.

A process that took into account existing condition of the home, client needs, aesthetic and environmental considerations to ensure the new spaces are healthy and comfortable for the occupants.


The final aesthetics was a result of client preference toward architectural influences from the State of Kerala.

Sustainable Excellence through architecture for the new residence has been achieved through sensitivity to the following aspects:

Environmental protection during Construction : Adequate site barricading and secure storage of salvaged materials for effective re-use.

Sensitivity to Site : Minimal disturbance to the structural stability of the existing building.

Sustainable Resource Use : Existing materials re-used to create new components in the renovated home.

Good Indoor Environment Quality : Enhanced natural light and ventilation, adequate insulation from the heat outside.

Energy Efficiency : Solar photovoltaics and energy efficient fixtures combined with passive solar measures.

Water Conservation : Plant based treatment and re-use of grey water, low flow sanitary fixtures to ensure long term water security.

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