Getaway Cottage, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu

Built-up area: 1,500 SF

Configuration: Ground floor plus an attic above.

Year of Completion: 2018

Scope: Design and construction management

Summary: An eco-friendly getaway cottage in the Yercaud hills constructed with wood, bamboo and thatch.

What makes this green?

The cottage was formed by a pyramid of thick korai thatch on bamboo framing enclosing a cubic wooden living space forming a 4-sided covered verandah to provide 360o views of the beautiful surroundings. The thick korai grass thatched roof insulates the cottage so that interior spaces remain naturally cool in summers and warm in winters. An attic space above provides a cozy sleeping space for children. The cottage has been fitted with energy efficient LED lights and water saver fixtures. Zero energy black and grey water treatment systems along with rainwater harvesting makes the cottage comprehensively eco-friendly.

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