We believe in sustainable solutions that produce actual & measurable results.

Architecture & Interior Design

Environmentally sustainable architecture is a simple, yet radical approach to designing the built-environment in a way that ensures we exist in harmony with nature, constantly conscious of our impact on the environment. In tune with this philosophy, the architectural services that we provide are holistic in terms of environmental sustainability. We use our SEARCH methodology to evolve designs that create synergy between the built and natural environment to enhance our quality of life while ensuring minimal impact to the earth.

Our designs are compliant with global green building standards.

  • Earth friendly campus Hand in Hand Academy, Kanchipuram
  • A holistically sustainable school The School KFI, Chennai
  • A green transformation Dr. Roshini’s Residence, Chennai
  • Collaborative design services Various design firms, USA

Green Construction

Most of our design clients also engage Green Evolution during the construction phase – either to undertake the construction or to manage it. Green Evolution’s team of experienced Construction Engineers and Project Managers are well versed in eco-friendly construction practises and materials, thereby ensuring that our clients’ dreams and aspirations are fully realised.

Green Consulting

Our consulting practice offers solutions to improve the environmental performance of built/indoor spaces through efficient strategies. We also help our clients achieve recognition for their environmental initiatives by stewarding their green building certifications. Being thought- leaders in the field of sustainability, we see ourselves as trusted advisors to our clients by providing practical eco-sensitive solutions.

Green Evolution has always been an early adopter of the latest green technologies and rating systems. This helps our clients get the first mover advantage amongst their peers.

  • Shem Park, Yuga Homes – First IGBC Green Homes certified apartment in Chennai
  • LatentView Analytics – First IGBC Green Interiors certified office in Chennai
  • Babaji Vidhyashram – Third school in Chennai to achieve the IGBC Green Schools certification
  • Rajalakshmi School of Business – 2nd business school in Tamil Nadu to achieve a LEED certification