Green Addition, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai

Built-up area: 1,250 SF

Configuration: Addition – First floor; Renovation – Ground Floor

Year of Completion: 2012

Scope: Architecture and Construction Management

Summary: A green addition to an existing residence along with renovation of the kitchen and dining spaces.

What makes this green?

This project required the addition of two spacious bedrooms on the first floor of an existing residence. The spaces were designed to provide access to abundant natural light and cross ventilation. A well-lit foyer that provides access to two newly added bedrooms and to the terrace above! A skylight brings in natural light into the core of this house. Heat reflective tiles and insultation on the roof keep the spaces below cool. The bathrooms attached to the bedrooms have been fitted with “low-flow” faucets to reduce water consumption.

It was great that our ideas could be incorporated in the design of our home with of course expert inputs from the Green Evolution team. Aesthetics, usability and eco-friendliness were all part of the design. There was an open communication in-spite of our being physically away from the location.


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