Green Renovation, Valmiki Nagar, Chennai

Built-up area:1,500 SF

Configuration:Apartment unit (existing)

Year of Completion:2020

Scope:Design and execution

Summary: Renovation of a 20-year old apartment with new woodwork made from salvaged wood, renovated bathrooms and a reconfigured sit-out that opens out the living room.

What makes this green?

This apartment features eco-friendly woodwork fashioned out of repurposed wood from discarded shipping crates. The clients chose Green Evolution’s Texture series of woodwork which features the salvaged pine wood accented by interesting shades of paints or varnish. A sit-out in the apartment which originally opened from a bedroom was reconfigured to be accessible from the living room, thus expanding the living room and bringing in nature into this space. All bathrooms were renovated in a contemporary style and existing fixtures were replaced with water saver fixtures.

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