Solan Public School, Barog, Himachal

Built-up area: 1,25,000 SF on a 2.5-acre site

Configuration: Multiple buildings – 3 to 5 storeys.

Year of Completion: Partially completed (2019)

Scope: Master planning and Architecture

Summary: A green residential school focused on music and art in the foothills of the Himalayas!

What makes this green?

Solan Public School is located on a challenging site with steep levels near Solan. The campus has been designed to withstand the harsh winters and heavy rains typical of the region. Walls made of insulating AAC blocks and insulated roofs designed to handle heavy rain and snow help keep the interiors comfortable without the use of heaters. A rain water harvesting system with a huge underground sump ensures that a major part of the school’s water demand is met sustainably.

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