The School – Krishnamurti Foundation India (KFI), Thazhambur, Chennai

Built-up area: 56,000 SF on a 2.5 acre plot

Configuration: Multiple buildings – Ground + 1 Floor / Ground + 2 Floors

Year of Completion: 2018

Scope: Architecture, Construction Management & Green Consulting

Summary: A holistically Earth-friendly campus befitting the ethos of this renowned school.

What makes this green?

The School KFI’s new campus consists of 7 buildings nestled amidst 76 trees which existed on the site. The Earth-friendly campus has a very low carbon footprint and was awarded the Green School certification with Platinum rating by the Indian Green Building Council. Green features at the school include preservation of 76 trees, insulated roof and walls, rooftop solar, BIPV solar, zero energy waste water treatment, rain water harvesting and organic composting on site.

A design for a school must be honest with a dash of style, unobtrusive yet speaking of sustained attention; and invisible – allowing the non-building to emerge. Its material must be earth, space, tree and sky. This is how I see the design of The School KFI in its new campus at Thazhambur.

There is the necessary conviction in environmentally sustainable practices, the determined light touch; and there is the practical and wise experience of years of work in construction and project management. Our association with Green Evolution has been for us a source of confidence and delight.


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