B.Arch. (School of Architecture & Planning, Anna University)

Laxmi, an architect, holds the belief that architecture serves as a significant medium to revive the lost dialogue between humanity and nature, in contemporary times. Her passion for sustainable architecture was ignited during her internship in Auroville.

Beyond her professional endeavours, Laxmi finds joy in exploring various paint mediums, reading books on psychology and cherishing moments spent with her cats.

B.Arch. (Prem College of Architecture & Planning, Nagapattinam) | M.Arch. (Hindustan University)

Arvind Kumar is an enthusiastic architect, who channels his passion towards sustainable design, renewable energy, and minimizing ecological impact. His expertise extends to designing low-cost, energy-efficient homes, employing wooden-frame construction techniques, and incorporating hemp-based insulation materials.

Biking is one of his passions, and he thoroughly enjoys the exhilaration it brings.

Senthil, known for his impeccable organizational skills, is the backbone of the workplace. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for multitasking, he ensures the smooth functioning of the office environment.

Senthil’s passion for food knows no bounds, making him a true food enthusiast. Additionally, he proudly declares himself as an ardent follower and admirer of the legendary Rajnikanth.

Diploma in Civil Engineering

Satheesh is a project engineer with site work experience. He is a quick learner and has developed an interest for sustainable construction techniques while working with Green evolution.

Satheesh likes to spend his free time with family and friends

B.Arch (Sinhgad College of Architecture)

Raghav is an architect from Salem and strives to be an eco-friendly person. He believes that buildings should coexist with nature. He has worked on several residential and Institutional projects with Green Evolution.

Raghav is passionate about football and is also a movie buff.

B.Arch. (Sathyabama University) | M.Arch. in Sustainable Architecture (School of Planning & Architecture, Vijayawada)

IGBC Accredited Professional | GRIHA Certified Professional

Shabarise is an Architect with a strong passion for Architecture with sustainability. In 2020, he completed his Master’s in Sustainable Architecture from the School of Planning and Architecture, Vijayawada with a GATE scholarship. He is a certified professional in two Green building rating systems (IGBC and GRIHA)

Shabarise considers that the green building concept is the first step in moving towards sustainability, and his career now travels along that. He believes Architects are not just creating a space to live within, they shape the lifestyle of the human society.

Diploma in Civil Engineering (Anna University, Guindy)

Maharaja is a project engineer with over 12 years’ experience in the field of construction. He has managed several projects from start to finish, from small residential homes to large school campuses. With an ability to take on site challenges and execute the work smoothly, he is also enthusiast of sustainable construction practices.

Maharaja loves to spend time watching movies when he is off work.

B.Arch. (McGAN’s Ooty School of Architecture) | M.Arch. in Sustainable Architecture (Sathyabama University)

IGBC Accredited Professional

Akshitha is an Architect with a passion for sustainable design with environmental sustainability at the core of her design philosophy. Her projects are thoughtful and ensure harmony with nature. She is also an IGBC Accredited Professional. She has been the primary architect for several of our key projects – residential as well as institutional.

Akshitha is an avid gardener and a creative designer with numerous artworks to her credit.

BE -Civil Engineering (Anna University, Guindy)

G. R Prasad is a Civil engineer with expertise in the construction of residential, commercial, industrial, and roadways for public and private organizations. He has managed projects Pan India and has also worked on projects in Malaysia. From Skyscrapers touching the sky to National Highways connecting the remote villages, he has not left any stone unturned.

Undeterred by challenges, Prasad has explored a variety of construction methods and technologies. He has equipped himself to adopt green construction style with reduced construction wastage. Playing badminton and basketball are his ways of relaxing.

B.E. in Civil Engineering (Anna University, Chennai) | M.Sc. – Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure, (KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden), IGBC Accredited Professional

IGBC Accredited Professional

Srinidhi is an environmental engineer focussing on sustainability of the Built Environment. She believes the synergy between the built environment and its natural environment is crucial for healthy living. She has worked with a wide range of projects ensuring that they are environmentally sustainable. She is also an IGBC Accredited Professional.

Srinidhi is an accomplished Bharatanatyam dancer and a passionate gardener. She is also a foodie and enjoys cooking.