2022 is declared the international year of glass by the United Nations. This article celebrates this wonderful material yet provides insight into how we should use glass judiciously in our buildings in order to avoid excessive heat gain.

India has a rich tradition of window art and aesthetics which have evolved due to local climate and functional requirements. This article touches upon reviving some of these window designs and looks at incorporating key aspects into our modern building designs.

As our cities continue to grow and we plan new neighbourhoods, can we strive to bring in a connect at the street level? A thinnai was once a ubiquitous feature in traditional Indian architecture, meant to achieve this much needed connect to the streets as well as shield the homes from excessive heat. How can we incorporate this wonderful feature into our homes and buildings today?

Clearing plots of all vegetation in order to accommodate building construction is a common occurrence in our cities, leading to increasing global warming and climate change. Can we be mindful of our actions and protect our trees? What are the steps we as individuals as well as governments can take in this regard?

The pandemic has taught us that it is time we realize the importance and benefits of unbuilt, green, open setback spaces as much as the built spaces.

In the wake of the pandemic it becomes imperative to question the development of our cities. Is it sustainable anymore to go forward with the high-rise, high density development we are seeing in our cities today or would a spread out, low rise development be a better solution?

Mud is aesthetically pleasing, fairly easy to build with, does not need skilled labour and can be cost effective if sourced locally. This article examines the possibility of introducing this wonderful material into our urban-scape.

To remain sustainable in today’s fast paced world, we need to promote our artisans, build local economies, use regional materials and produce buildings that leave a lasting impression. Such architecture would not only inspire and enliven us but also ensure environmental sustainability.

An eco-friendly material that is an aesthetic blend of tradition and modernity.

A Rain chain- a wonderful vertical feature that helps channel our rain water in an interesting, aesthetic way.